New Updated National Radio Rules and Regulations

The Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) has released updated National Radio Rules and Regulations and a National Radio Frequency Allocation Plan for 2021.

Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority have launched new National Radio Rules and Regulations with a new National Frequency Allocation Plan and Regulatory Framework.

The new radio frequency plan shall be a national resource and no licensee shall claim ownership of these resources. The licensee will be the only authorized user to use the assigned frequency. Unless a person has been granted by the Authority a valid license or permit, it shall be unlawful for any such person to:

  • PTA may conduct inspections of the manufacturing facility through its designated representative to ensure that the Authorization holder is complying with the standards set out in terms and conditions of the Authorization.
  • Use or deploy any portion of radio frequency
  • Establish and operate any radiocommunication station
  • Install and operate any radiocommunication devices
  • Test or experiment any radiocommunication devices or services
  • Have an item of radiocommunication devices in his or her possession for the purpose of operating the same.
  • Any Allocations Plan (NRFAP) of Bhutan. use of radio frequency by person shall be as per the National Radio Frequency

    The frequency assigned to the licensee shall not be leased or transferred to a third party in any case by the licensee.

    The licensee shall ensure that the radio equipment is tuned to the assigned frequency.

    The licensee shall not hoard the frequency and the assigned frequency shall be put into use by the licensee within three months from the date of assignment by the Authority.

    The licensee shall maintain radio station and device in good technical condition as per the requirements of the Authority, particularly concerning power, and unwanted emissions.

    The licensee shall prevent or minimize any form of radio frequency interference to other radio services within the same or different bands and to other licensed users.

    A licensee assigned with frequency by the Authority shall be required to keep up-to- date records of radio communication equipment and corresponding network elements.

    The radio frequency and equipment shall not be used against the country or to the detriment of national defense, security, social order and safety or cause damage to the interests of the state and legitimate rights and interests of the organizations and individuals.

    The Authority shall determine or reserve certain frequency or the band of frequency for specific purposes or services as per the need to align with the national needs, regional and international trends.

    A person shall not use the radio frequencies which are exclusively reserved for emergency, safety, search, rescue, salvage, national defense, and security.

    The following sections shall be a part of these Rules and it shall be modified by the Authority from time to time to align with the international and regional trends and national needs:

    • Schedule A, Services and Applications, of these Radio Rules
    • National Radio Frequency Allocations Plan (NRFAP)

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