New Public Consultations on Labeling Requirements

The Telecommunications Agency of Guyana is once again issuing type approvals and have announced two public consultations regarding labeling requirements.

A summary of each consultation is as follows:

Public Consultation on the Labelling of commodities - Labeling of Electrical Equipment, Fittings and electrical appliances

This proposes the necessity for Electrical Equipment, Fittings and electrical appliances to be permanently marked with:

  • Nominal voltage or rated voltage range in AC or DC
  • Rated frequency or rated frequency range, in hertz, unless the appliance is frequency independent
  • Rated power/current
  • Country of manufacture
  • Manufacturer’s name, trademark or identification number
  • Model number, serial number or type
  • Certification mark
  • Public consultation on Requirements for the labelling and sale of Cell Phones

    Some of the proposals in this consultation are:

    • Cell phones offered for sale shall be labelled accordingly as “Used”, or “Refurbished”, or Certified Pre-Owned “CPO”.
    • The international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number shall be displayed at the back of the phone where applicable, or on the packages of sealed cell phones.
    • Cell phone dealers shall offer warranties when making sales.

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