Ultra Wide Band and Short Range Devices Regulation

The Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority TRA in United Arab Emirates have released a new version for Ultra Wide Band and Short Range Devices regulation.

The TRA revised the regulation to current version 4.0. The updated regulation was released on December 21, 2020 and is enforced.

The new document defines the requirements for compliance, that UWB and SRD products need to fulfill.

Within the regulation release, it shows the allowed frequencies together with information about usage of product, transmission power, duty cycle, channel spacing and the standard reference.

Some of the update are:

  • Frequency band 5925-6425 MHz is allowed for Wireless Access System for in-building use only at an EIRP of 250 mW (any emission shall not exceed 250 mW EIRP when measured 10 meters from either the installed building or boundary of the users premises)
  • Frequency band 5855 MHz-5925 MHz is allowed for intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at an EIRP of 2W

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