Public Consultation Has Launched For Wi-Fi 6

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Qatar has published a public consultation regarding Wi-Fi 6 and their proposed policy for assigning the full frequency band 5925 - 7125 MHz.

CRA's proposed policy for assigning the full frequency band (5925-7125 MHz) to this network with an aim of receiving the views and comments from the local and international stakeholders and interested parties about CRA's proposed decision.

Wi-Fi 6 is one of the world's newest cutting-edge technologies, it helps to address Internet data traffic congestion issues caused by the connectivity of multiple devices to the same Wi-Fi hub. This technology will enable consumers in Qatar to connect with more devices to the Wi-Fi using high-speed Internet connectivity, which includes laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and smart TV.

CRA is one of the first regulators in the region and the world to announce its policy related to the frequency band for the Wi-Fi 6 technology, as CRA is always keen to encourage the introduction of advanced technologies to Qatar and keep its relevant regulatory instruments up to date to cover the new technologies and radio communications applications.

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