New Regulation For Kitchen Appliances and Liquid Heating Appliances

The Indonesia National Standard (SNI) has announced a new regulation for kitchen appliances and liquid heating appliances. This regulation will be enforced.

This new regulation was issued on Dec 23, 2020 and it will become effective on Dec 23, 2021.

  • Electric Blender, Electric juicer, Electric Mixer. Tariff post: ex 8509.40.00
  • Rice Cooker with volumes up to three (3) liters or electrical power input up to 1,000 watts, including rice cookers and heating as well as any combination thereof and which uses of pressure working principle. Tariff post:ex 8516.60. 10
  • Electric kettle with a capacity notmore than 10 (ten) liters. Tariff post: ex 8516.79. 10
  • Immersion heater. Tariff post: 8516.10.30
  • Water Dispenser which only equipped with water heating system. Tariff post: 8516.10. 11
  • Water Dispenser is equipped with a water heating and cooling system. Tariff post: ex 8516.10.19

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