New International Draft Plan for 2.6 GHz Band

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has identified the 2.6 GHz Band (2500 to 2690 MHz) as a global band for IMT, particularly 4G and 5G Mobile.

This band will be critical for Mobile broadband services and applications over 4G and 5G networks. PNG’s draft band plan takes into account global and regional harmonization.

In accordance with the NICT Act 2009, it is NICTA’s mandate to develop Radio spectrum plans including frequency band plans in PNG. All band plans are developed in accordance with recommendations developed by the ITU Radiocommunications sector (ITU-R).

In the interest of PNG particularly the ICT sector, NICTA is conducting this consultation on the ‘Draft 2.6 GHz Band Plan’. NICTA will finalize the plan taking into account feedback from this process.

NICTA welcomes feedback from the operators, stakeholders and general public taking into account the following: Radio Spectrum Plan, Channeling Plan and Principle of Assignment

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