New Draft Issued Circular to Replace Old Circular

Vietnam MIC issued draft Circular to replace the Circular No. 46/2016 & supplement Circular No. 18/2018 on List of radio devices that to be exempted from radio frequency license registration.

Below is the summary of the new points in Draft Circular for your reference:

1.Amend some types of device which is not regulated in Circular 46:2016/TT-BTTTT and Circular 18:2018/TT-BTTTT

  • Wireless Chargers operating in the bands of 110-190 kHz, 326.5 kHz, 340 kHz, 353-373.5 kHz, 1.64-1.78 MHz, 6.765-6.795 MHz
  • Radio devices in LPWAN operating in the bands of 433.05-434.79 MHz, 920-923 MHz.
  • Emergency Positioning Radio (ELT / PLB)
  • 2. Amend/adding 10 frequency bands:

    • Adding frequency bands 2400-2483.5 MHz band and 5725-5850 MHz band for radio remote devices (used for controlling underground, water surface or flight models)with max. RF output power of 100 mW
    • Adding frequency band 7.25-9 GHz for UWB
    • Adding frequency bands 5.725-5.850 GHz; 8.5-10 GHz; 57-64 GHz; 75-85 GHz for Radio telemetry device (short range radar)
    • Adding frequency bands 57-64 GHz for non-specific short range device
    • Adding frequency bands 190-485 kHz and 526.5-2000 kHz for inductive loop, civil applications, support near-range IoT connection
    • Remove the frequency bands of 50.1-50.99 MHz, 40.50 MHz and 41.00 MHz from the list of free-license frequency bands.
    • Currently, MIC is getting the comments for this draft Circular and the deadline is May 28, 2021. Interested parties are encourage to send the comment to MIC directly.

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