Revised Type Approval Guidelines for Public Comment

The Zambia Information and Communications and Technology Authority (ZICTA) has reviewed the Type approval Guidelines and the draft revised version is ready now for public comments.

This new notice will look at some salient revisions made to the draft revised guidelines.

The new Type Approval guidelines were put in place to operationalise the provisions of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Act 2009 and the ICT (Type Approval) regulations Statutory Instrument (S.I) No. 6 of 2011.

The current guidelines were developed in 2015 and their application has unveiled grey areas and insufficiencies that require to be improved on. This forms the basis for the proposed revision of the Guidelines.

The revised Guidelines shall apply to any electronic communications apparatus to be used, supplied, sold, offered for sale, leased or hired in Zambia provided the electronic communications apparatus is constructed or adapted for use as part of, or for the purpose of, an electronic communications service.

the application form has been unified to cater for all the three application processes. The list of applicable standards has been included in the appendix for ease of reference.

Other provisions include Revocation of approval, Labelling Requirements, Penalty for Failure to comply with the guidelines and Repeal of the 2015 Type Approval Guidelines.

Public comments are welcomed until April 30, 2021.

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