Updated Marking and Type Approval Process

The United Kingdom has updated UKCA marking and UK approval process after Brexit. This update is for getting market access in Scotland, England and Wales till December 31, 2021.

The CE marking of products for showing compliance to RED regulation is fully accepted as a kind of transition period.

This also applies in the case that an EU-type examination (TEC) has been issued in case of non-harmonized standard to demonstrate compliance with RED article 3.2.

If a product needs a EU-type examination certificate for fulfilling the RED requirements, it will also need a UKCA certificate for market access in Scotland, England and Wales.

Northern Ireland is covered by EU regulations as before. There are just some minor cases where further rules should be considered.

While marking of products with CE-logo will be sufficient till end of 2021, from January 1, 2022 marking with UKCA mark by fulfilling UK regulations is obligatory.

The CE mark can be kept simultaneously until December 31, 2022, UKCA marking and labelling with importer company’s name and contact address can be done with a temporarily sticker or on accompanying documentation, after this date it must be a permanent marked on the product

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