Updated Mandatory Testing and Certification

India Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) has now updated their version of the Procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunications Equipment (MTCTE).

TEC has released a new version of the procedure for MTCTE in May 2021.

This new version, considered as Version 2.1, incorporates the following:

  • MTCTE labeling requirement changes in Annexure-D
  • Addition of fee details for certificate modification and renewal cases in Annexure-C.
  • Deletion of Table II and III of Annexure-A.
  • Inclusion of generic relaxation w.r.t. ILAC test report submission or exemption of test parameters based on designated CAB availability in India.
  • The dispatch of a consignment of Telecom equipment from a foreign port shall be treated as the date of import.
  • Abbreviations.

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