Public Consultation For Frequency Allocation

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico has published a public consultation on May 31, 2021 to update the national frequency allocation chart.

IFT has published this new Public Consult on a Preliminary Project basis, in order to discuss the update of the National Frequency Allocation Chart.

The main objectives of the Preliminary Project consist of:

  • Keeping the National Frequency Attribution Chart updated (hereinafter, the β€œCNAF”) based on the general interest and technological evolution in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting.
  • Reflect the changes in said instrument, derived from the amendment to the Radiocommunications Regulations of the International Telecommunications Union.
  • Record the current situation of the frequency bands used in our country for certain radiocommunication services in accordance with the applicable international framework.
  • Provide an agile, current, and efficient consultation instrument about the radiocommunication service or services to which certain frequency bands of the radioelectric spectrum are allocated, as well as additional information on the use and planning that are contemplated for each of them.
  • You may participate in this discussion from May 31st until June 25th.

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