Declaration Of Conformity With Testing Report Published

Brazil ANATEL (The National Telecommunications Agency) has published the new Act 3939 which is the guideline of Declaration of Conformity (DoC) with a testing report.

The DoC procedure looks pretty similar to the regular certification mode, but the applicant (local rep) can apply the procedure directly with ANATEL without requiring the use of one OCD (OCD is optional in this mode). Wideminds can provide this service to submit DOC to ANATEL.

The requirements are basically the same as normal COC with a representative letter, manual, internal and external pictures, Factory ISO and testing report (overseas ILAC testing report is acceptable) it is just that the CoC will be replaced by a DoC declaration.

Applicant will submit the files to ANATEL and ANATEL will inspect the documents as usual before issuing the homologation.

The DoC is applicable only for a few types of equipment according to Act 7280, such as: Broadcasting equipment, RF Power Amplifier for Earth Station, Satellite Transceiver, etc.

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