Additional Certification Requirements for Wireless Media Players and Set-Top Boxes

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is continuing of their freeze on new certification applications for wireless media players and set-top boxes.

There will now be additional requirements for certification and importation of these devices effective January 1st of 2022. The requirements, conditions and addtional required documents are as follows.

The conditions for a licensee are that they are not allowed to sell in the open market and must be bundled with a subscription service or product. Below are the mandatory additional documents:

  1. A certification agreement for compliance approval for communication, multimedia, and hybrid equipment, and letter of undertaking.
  2. Must have MCMC license, letter from MCMC licensee or contractual agreement on the arrangement with licensee. (if applicable)

The conditions for a Manufacturer (OEM), brand owner or authorized local importer/ distributor are that they can only be sold by the certificate holders via their official stores or authorized resellers, and certificate holders shall keep detailed records to ensure traceability of certified products supplied to authorized resellers. Below are the mandatory additional documents:

  1. Trademark registration as an evidence of the company as the brand owner.
  2. Letter from brand owner or contractual agreement on the company as an authorized local importer/distributor (if applicable)
  3. A certification agreement for compliance approval (type approval) for communication, multimedia, and hybrid equipment, and a letter of undertaking.

Apart from the above additional requirements and conditions, the CoC shall also be subjected to the following conditions:

  1. WMP/STB to be affixed with a warning notice on the offenses related to access to copyrighted contents from unauthorized sources.
  2. The list of authorized resellers and relevant records that provide traceability of WMP/STB supplied to authorized resellers shall
    be made available to MCMC and/or SIRIM as and when required.

The new requirements shall be applicable to all WMP/STB that meets the following criteria:

  1. Device which is designed for connection to television and setup to the internet via Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Device which runs on an open-source operating system such as Android.
  3. Device which enables television to be used for browsing the internet, streaming video contents from online sources.
  4. or the consumer market (WMP/STB for digital signage/advertisement or similar applications are excluded).

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