FCC Opens Comments for WMAS Allocation in TV Bands

The Federal Communication Commision (FCC) has opened comments for the allocation of Wireless Multi-Channel Audio System (WMAS) in TV bands.

The bands that would generally be affected by this are 600Mhz bands, 941.5-944 MHz, 944-952 MHz, 952.850-956.250 MHz, 956.45-959.85 MHz, 1435-1525 MHz, 6875-6900 MHz and 7100-7125 MHz Bands. This covers a multitude of things such as GSM, LTE, and Satellite bands as well.

The main purpose of this is to make the frequency band more efficient by revising the rules to allow more devices into the spectrum. By opening up the frequency band, more products can be used professionally to in-home use microphones as well.

The commenting period is still open until August 2nd, and reply comments then open till the 30th of August.

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