A New Process for DoC in Brazil

ANATEL, the telecommunication regulatory body in Brazil has announced a new process for the approval of products coming into Brazil using a declaration of conformity.

The initial act was supposed to be rolled out on August 1, 2021, but was extended by another year to 2022 to allow manufacturers to comply with the requirements. The type of products that would be included in these new sets of regulations would be things such as medical devices, coaxial cables, and terminal boxes.

An official copy of the act can be found here. The requirements of obtaining the DoC are similar to obtaining a CoC, with the following requirements listed here.

  1. Letter of Commercial Representation
  2. Documents with technical information on the product
  3. Internal and external pictures
  4. Factory ISO
  5. Test Reports

Certificate renewals are not applicable and will have no expiry date.

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