New Technical Requirements for Short Range-Communication Devices

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), has published new technical requirements for Short Range-Communication Devices.

This Specification allows SRDs to share the use of spectrum in a non-exclusive manner, based on technical usage conditions and, where necessary, using spectrum access mechanisms such as duty cycle, frequency hopping, detect and avoid, adaptive power control and listen before talk. It provides flexibility for deployment of a variety of SRD applications, catering to specific (common) as well as nonspecific usage scenarios.

SRDs may be fixed, mobile or portable stations that come with a radio frequency output connector and dedicated antenna or an integral antenna. Applications include alarms, identification systems, radiodetection, vehicle radar systems, wireless local area networks, remote controls, telecommand, telemetry and on-site paging systems. These devices may employ different types of modulation and may have speech applications.

Some of the recent changes to these requirements relate to mobile, radio, network, and paging systems.

As of August 2021, these new requirements will be in place. The full document can be found here for reference

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