Open Public Consultation for 5850-5925MHz Bands

The Plenary of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has opened up public consultation for 5850-5925MHz Bands until September 17th.

The main purpose of this open public consultation is to be able to provide the public with a transparent method of communication. This consultation regards the automotive and the transportation industries, which is a broadening industry in Mexico. This includes devices such as intelligent transportation systems and vehicle to vehicle communication as well.

These technologies will help in increasing safety and reduce traffic accidents across Mexico. This is the main contributing factor for deaths under the age of 30 across Mexico. It will also allow pedestrians, bicycles, and other objects to be noticed by these technologies as well.

The commenting period was initially opened on August 19th and will close on September 17th 2021. For more information regarding the open public consultation, and to submit a comment to the IFT, the document can be reached here

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