Australia Opens Public Consultation on 3400-3475 MHz Band

The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) has released a consultation regarding the use of the 3400-3475MHz band for use in Australia.

This band is currently being used for amateur radio and satellite use. But the ACMA is proposing that the band be used for urban broadband.

The main things that the ACMA is consulting people on is:

  1. Comment is sought on the proposed changes to receiver spurious emission limits on 3.4 GHz spectrum licences.
  2. Comment is sought on the draft amendments to RALI MS44 contained in Appendix C, found as a separate attachment in the key documents section of this consultation.
  3. Comment is sought on the options developed for use of spectrum in urban exercise areas.
  4. Comment is sought on the desirable planning outcomes for use of spectrum in urban exercise areas
  5. Views are sought on the possible interference management approaches for both co-channel mechanisms (including ducting) and adjacent channel mechanisms (including adjacent band coexistence) contained at Appendix E.
  6. Comment is sought on the ACMA’s preliminary preferred option. Are other options proposed, and if so, why?

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