ANATEL Opens Public Consultation 47

The Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL) has recently opened Public Consultation 47 for people to comment on.

This public consultation, which was released on September 8th, is meant to update the technical conformity standards for cell phone chargers. This includes ​​things like chargers whose power source is the electric power network with alternating current (AC), special purpose USB interfaces (ports) for powering electronic devices, without data transmission functionality, inductive chargers, regardless of the type of electrical power source. USB interfaces that integrate the electrical/electronic design of a device (eg TV, computer, media center, etc.) are not covered by these requirements.

The updated proposal makes references to international technical standards specific to the automotive environment and takes into account that the USB interfaces present in the vehicle environment are already subjected to vehicle validation tests, which aims to preserve the safety of the driver and passengers.

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