New Type Regulations for Foreign & Domestic Manufacturers

The SY-TPRA (Syria) has published a new type approval regulation Resolution No.43, that was released on September 1, 2021

Foreign Manufacturers will now have a different label design compared to the local companies. The barcode has also been deleted. The label requirements are not required for all systems, interface cards, and pre-built modules If it comes (imported) with end-user devices.

All new labels will be required to use a white background with black text, and must also be used for e-label in devices as well.

Along with that, All R&TTE devices are now subject to Radio Type Approval from SY-TPRA, has the right to request on case by case basis test samples for type approval of specific devices, and Renewals of expired approvals shall be applied during the last three months prior the expiry date, otherwise it will be treated as new application.

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