New Regulations on bands 2400MHz, 5100MHz, and 5800MHz

The State Radio Regulation of China (SRRC) is changing the regulations of bands 2400MHz, 5100MHz, and 5800MHz.

The new changes to the regulation include things such as the IPV6, requirements for multiple antennas, Adaptivity and improving the emission limit. For WLAN equipment with public network IP address allocation function, it shall support IPv6 protocol and enable IPv6 address allocation function by default. With multiple Antennas, the calculation method of synthetic gain and shaping gain is added as well. The new regulation also adds the Adaptivity requirement for 2400MHz, 5100MHz, and 5800MHz bands that is similar to EN 300 328 and EN 301 893.

The new regulation was published on Oct 13, 2021 and it will take effect October 15th, 2023. Radio equipment still can apply for SRRC approval under the current regulation.

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