More Products Required to Have An SASO Certificate

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has released a list of new products that will require mandatory SASO IECEE/IECEX Recognition Certificate starting November 1, 2021.

Below are the item that required mandatory SASO

IECEE (Electro-technical Devices and Components)

  • -Circuit Breakers
  • -Mobile Phone Charging Cables
  • -Electric Shavers
  • -Desktop Computers (PCs)

IECEX (Equipment and Devices Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres)

  • -Junction Box (Electrical Wire Intersection) with Cable Connection Points
  • -Control Box with Cable Connection Points
  • -Gas Detectors and Sensors
  • -Gas Detection Systems
  • -Electrical Plugs and Other Connecting Devices
  • -Electric Pumps
  • -Linear (Fixed) lighting

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