Establishment of The New Standard KC62368-1:2021

The Korea Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) has established a new standard, KC62368-1:2021.

The existing standards KC 60065, K 60950-1, and K 60950- 22 are applicable until December 31, 2022. (Grace period). It means that the new standard KC62368-1:2021 and the existing standards will be used till the end of 2022.

As of Jan.1, 2023, only KC62368-1:2021 will be the available standard. The previous KC certificates don’t need to apply for the update of standard. However, if the certified product needs to be revised technically and apply for revision, it should be updated to the latest KC standard, KC62368-1:2021 after Jan.1, 2023.

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