An Extension for Regulations Regarding Plugs and Socket-Outlets

There has been an extension in date of implementation of revised IS 1293 : 2019 superseding IS 1293: 2005 for β€œPlugs and Socket-Outlets for household and similar purposes of rated voltage upto and including 250 V and rated current upto and including 16 A”.

IS 1293: 2005 has been revised as IS 1293: 2019. The guidelines for implementation of the above mentioned revision was circulated vide circular CMD-III/16: IS 1293 dated 29 September 2020. The last date of implementation of the revised Standard was 23 October 2021.

Based on the representations received, the last date of implementation of IS 1293: 2019 has now been extended up to 23 October 2022. All BOs may bring it to the notice of all Licensees and Applicants. The other provisions of implementation laid down in circular no. CMD-III/16: IS 1293 dated 29 September 2020 shall remain the same.

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