A New Notice for Importation

The Agence de Rรฉgulation des Postes et des Communication Electroniques Republique du Congo (ARPCE) has released a notice reminding imports to have a type approval.

This notice is for related topics such as radio equipment, and whether or not intended for connection to a telecommunications network open to the public. Terminal equipment, but only when it is intended to be connected to a telecommunications network open to the public installers of radio equipment, for their own account or for third parties. Lasly, telecommunications equipment testing and measurement laboratories.

These regulations are meant to protect users and telecommunications networks, ensure the possibility of connecting equipment to the network along with making it work from end to end, and to contribute to good use of the radioelectric spectrum.

The deadline of December 31, 2021 has been set for importers and vendors of such equipment to ensure compliance, or be subject to a penalty of CFA5,000,000-10,000000 (~USD9,000-18,000) by law.

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