New Homologation Regulations

The Institute Federal de Telecommunications (IFT) has released new regulations on homologations.

The main scope of the new regulations are meant to cover telecommunication and broadcasting products that use a network or the radio spectrum. These new guidelines will be implemented on June 29th 2022. There will also be a 180 day transition period as well.

Within the new guidelines, includes new definitions of certification routes and types, which are certificate type a: for products whose radio interfaces fall 100% under Mexican IFT Technical Provisions, certificate type b: for products that don’t have any interface under the scope of Mexican IFT Technical Provision, and certificate Type C: for products that contain radio interfaces under Type A and products under Type B. There is also a new process for devices exempt from homologation.

The last main topic of the regulations are the exemptions for products considered inherently conforming, products designed for ISM applications, products for trials and events, and products for telecom infrastructure.

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