New Regulations on Low Power Equipment

The Ministry of Communication notification from 10th December, 2021 issued the Use of Low Power Equipment in the Frequency Band 865-868 MHz for Short Range Devices (Exemption from License) Rules, 2021. These rules are not applicable to the wireless equipment which has been type approved under the Use of low power equipment in the frequency band 865-867 MHz for (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Devices (Exemption from Licensing Requirement) Rules, 2005, and will be effective until the end of its life.

No license will be required by any person to establish, maintain, work, possess or deal in any wireless telegraphy apparatus for the use of low power short range radio frequency devices or wireless equipment, on non-interference, non-protection and shared and nonexclusive basis, complying with the technical specifications and working in the frequency bands.

Any person, a license has been issued informs the authority that thei licensed system is getting harmful interference from any other radio communication system exempted under these rules, then such authority shall call upon the user of such unlicensed wireless equipment to take necessary steps to avoid interference by relocating the equipment, reducing the power and using special type of antennae, failing which such Authority shall recommend discontinuation of such wireless use.

The wireless equipment will be designed and constructed in such a manner that the bandwidth of emission and other parameters shall conform to the limits specified in rule 3 and such equipment shall be type approved. The application for obtaining equipment type approval shall be made to the Central Government in the format given in annexure. The equipment shall comply with the respective EN number for effective use of spectrum and to avoid harmful interference.

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