Updates to Technical Requirements for Radiocommunication Equipment

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) of Brazil updates the technical requirements for the assessment of radiocommunication devices.

The technical requirements of the following are published:

  • Indoor use only body scan emitter-sensors for security applications operating in the 76-81 GHz band
  • Broadband wireless access system for local area networks operating in the 5.150–5.350 and 5.470-5.725 MHz bands
  • Access point transceivers installed inside ground transport vehicles and trains operating in the 5.150–5.350 MHz band
  • Interactive motion sensors operating in the 57-64 GHz band
  • Ultra-wide radio frequency systems installed inside land vehicles operating in the 3.100-3.300 MHz and 3.700-10.600 MHz bands
  • Wireless multigigabit systems in indoor or outdoor point-area applications operating in the 57-71 GHz band
  • Wireless multigigabit system fixed applications (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint) operating in the 57-66 GHz band

New technical requirements for 5 GHz devices installed in vehicles (5150-5350 MHz):

  • Average EIRP: 40 mW (16 dBm)
  • Average Spectral Density: 2 mW/MHz

New technical requirements for 5 GHz devices installed in trains (5150-5350 MHz):

  • Average EIRP: 200 mW (23 dBm)
  • Average Spectral Density: 10 mW/MHz

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