Wi-Fi 6E Regulations and Approvals

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia has published a new WLAN regulation allowing the use of WiFi 6E.

The regulation introduces and officially allocates the entire band from 5925 – 7125 MHz for the usage of the WiFi 6E in Saudi Arabia.

The following table shows the type of environment and maximum EIRP for different operating WiFi 6E frequency bands.

Frequency Band (MHz) Environment Maximum EIRP (mW)
2400 - 2483.5 Indoor and outdoor 100
5150 - 5250 Indoor 200
5250 - 5350 Indoor 200
5470 - 5725 Indoor and outdoor 1000
5925 - 7125 Indoor (Indoor Access Point) 1000
5925 - 7125 Indoor (Client Device) 250

The CITC has also updated technical specification No. RI117 for Data Communication Equipment operating in License-Exempt Frequency Bands based on these updates which contain additional regulations and restrictions.

All radio equipment such as WLAN devices require type approval by CITC prior to import and distribution in Saudi Arabia.

Manufacturers are to obtain the conformity certificate and type approval before the request of an equipment custom clearance can be made.

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