Regulations for the Approval of Electronic Communications Equipment

The Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority (RURA) establishes the regulatory framework on importation, supply, and type approval for electronic communications equipment.

This regulation shall apply to all electronic communcations equipment (ECE) which connects directly to a public electronic communications network and all intentional transceivers of radio waves.

The following equipment are subject to type approval:

  • Electronic communications equipment used or to be used in connection to public radio and communication network
  • Radio equipment or related components which include one or more transmitters or receivers or parts
  • Electronic communications equipment connected to and used within electronic communications network, including electronic communications terminal equipment.

The following type of services are regulated:

  • Public mobile
  • Private mobile
  • Fixed wireless
  • Broadcasting

In general EN standards are sufficient and accepted by RURA, though system-specific standards/specifications may be considered and applied.

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