Security Requirements for Residential Gateways

The Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore extends the deadline for compliance with security requirements for residential gateways (IMDA TS RG-SEC)

IMDA TS RG-SEC defines the minimum technical security requirements for design and management of residential gateways to home IoT devices

This IMDA Technical Specification sets out to minimise the vulnerability of the these gateways, ensuring that these devices are better protected when purchased and operated by consumers.

This mitigates both the communication networks, as well as the home IoT devices from security threats from the internet.

The full standard can be found here.

Devices marketed and sold for consumer operation in Singapore must comply with IMDA TS RG-SEC by May 2nd, 2022. Any model of device not in compliance by this date may no longer be sold or distributed by suppliers for local use by consumers.

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