Technical Regulation Updates For Mobile Telecommunication Terminal 

The National Radio Research Agency (RRA) of South Korea will be updated technical regulations regarding mobile telecommunication terminal after gathering public feedback until June 13th, 2022.

Mobile Telecommunication Terminal such as television, telephone have reached virtually every resident in South Korea. Along with the increase in phone usage, the use of SIM cards will gradually shift to eSIM.

The update would be focued on three main categories:

  • Revise current term “Universal Subscriber Identity Module(USIM)” to “Subscriber Identity Module(SIM)” so that Embedded Subscriber Identity Module(eSIM) of mobile telecommunication terminal can also be used.
  • RF output power of 3.5GHz band mobile telecommunication terminal is revised to “400mW or less” from “200mW or less”.
  • Adjacent channel leakage power ratio is revised to “31dB or more” from “30dB or more”.

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