Free Use Equipment Must Meet New Conditions

On November 22, 2022, Venezuela the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL), has announced the beginning of the Public Consultation of the reform draft of the Administrative Ruling containing “the Conditions for the Qualification of Free Use Equipment”. The beginning of the Public Consultation on the Reform Project of the Administrative Providence Containing the Conditions for the Qualifications of Free Use Equipment began November 28, 2022. The objective is to establish the condition that a device must meet to qualify as free use in order to comply with the new provisions of the Organic Law on Telecommunications.

The project is lead by Director General of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), G/D Jorge Eliéser Márquez Monsalve in tandem with the Planning and Development Management of the Telecommunications Sector. After the open discussion period for the reception of observations and comments closes, Conatel will establish a date for a Public Hearing to proceed and thus have the participation of specialists and interested parties.

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