Announcement on 5G User Equipment Voice Over

Malaysia SIRIM/MCMC The requirement for 5G user equipment with voice functions that support Voice over New Radio (VoNR)/ Voice over 5G (Vo5G) has just been announced, and it must comply with the requirements stated in 3GPP TS 34.229-5. To be granted full approval, the applicant must submit the test report for evaluation.

This is consistent with MCMC MTSFB TC T016:2021, which was published on August 24, 2021.

In order to process the approval, we will need to declare whether the VoNR / Vo5G feature is ENABLED or DISABLED during the 5G product application.

In contrast, if the 5G equipment can make voice calls but DOES NOT SUPPORT VoNR/ Vo5G, the applicant must submit an official declaration letter.

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