Publication RSS-131 Issue 4

On December 16 2022, Canada Radio Standards Specification RSS-131, issue 4, Zone Enhancers, replaces issue 3 of RSS-131, Zone Enhancers, dated May 2017.

This Radio Standards Specification (RSS) defines the certification requirements for zone enhancers, such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DASs) and External Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers (ERFPAs), which are used in conjunction with licensed radio equipment in certain radio services.

Here is the main changes:

  • The list of applicable radio standards has been updated, resulting in an expansion of the equipment covered by the scope of this standard.
  • A link to a webpage now refers to applicable standards.
  • Requirements for updated test reports
  • Revisions to the noise measurement requirements for fibre-connected remote/host DAS zone enhancer systems have been made to reflect the current Radio Standards Specification structure.
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