Proposed Allocation Of 6G Band

On February 14, 2023, Singaporeโ€™s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) issued a Public Consultation on Proposed Allocation fo 6GHz Band for RLAN and Wi-Fi use. Due to the anticipated rise in Wi-Fi traffic growth rates as more technology enters into offices and homes, the need for more spectrum Wi-Fi allocation has been deemed paramount. Globally, the 6GHz band of 5,925 MHz-7,125 MHz, or parts thereof, have recently been identified for the deployment of Radio Local Area Networks (RLAN), which is predominantly used for Wi-Fi, i.e., Wi-Fi 6E. This band will enable more and wider W-Fi channels, such as 160-MHz channels, for use instead of the current 20-MHz to 80-MHz channels. Theoretical maximum speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps and lower latencies will help was the increasing contention and facilitate the next wave of use-cases.

The 6GHz RLAN/Wi-Fi frequency bands IMDA plans to open and technical requirements are as follows. The frequency range 5,925 MHz - 6,425 MHz for use case of Very Low Power (VLP) will be for indoor and outdoor use. It can have a Max EIRP of 14 dBm or 25 mW and a Max EIRP density of 1 dBm/MHz or 10 dBm/MHz for narrowband usage. Use on an unmanned aircraft system or drone is prohibited.

The second allowed use for the frequency range 5,925 MHz -6,425 MHz for used case of Low Power Indoor (LPI). RF power requirements include a Max EIRP of 24 dBm or 250 mW and Max EIRP density 11 dBm/MHz. This will be reserved for indoor use exclusively.

All parties concerned can submit comments and suggestions to IMDA before March 14, 2023.

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