New Compulsory Certification for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Accessories

The State Administration of Market Regulation of China has mandated the implementation of Compulsory Certification for Lithium-ion batteries, battery packs, power banks, and power adapters/chargers used by telecommunication terminal products.

From August 1, 2023, designated certification bodies will begin to accept CCC certification commissions for newly included products and carry out certification work in accordance with applicable standards. From August 1, 2024, those without CCC certification and certification marks will not be allowed to leave the factory, sell, import or use in other business activities. The list of designated certification bodies and laboratories for newly included products will be announced separately.

CCC certification is first carried out for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products at this stage. The designated certification body will carry out CCC certification of related products in accordance with GB31241-2022, "Safety Technical Specifications for Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products" to reduce the cost of certification. Designated certification bodies and laboratories should actively adopt existing conformity assessment results to reduce the burden on enterprises and facilitate certification.

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