New Regulations for NFC and SRD

On February 9,2023, Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) revealed the draft circular promulgating QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT National technical regulation (standard) on Short Range Devices (SRD). Short Range Devices covers radio equipment used in the 9 kHz - 25 MHz range. The updated technical regulation is based on ETSI EN 300 330 V2.1.1 (2017-02) and 47 CFR §15.227 will have an impact on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), and Inductive look equipment, among many others. It’s expected that QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT will take into effect March 1, 2024 and be compulsory for import procedures, quality inspection, certification of conformity, and declaration of conformity as of August 1, 2024 for NFC and 9kH-30MHz SRD and inductive loop devices.

Comparing the current version QCVN 55:2011/BTTTT to the draft QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT shows a couple needed updates. The applicable scope has been extended from 9kHz - 25MHz up to 9kHz - 30MHz and includes the ISM band 26,957 - 27,283 MHz. MIC added HS codes to SRD products under the mandatory applicable scope. The regulation name is officially “National technical regulation on Short Range Device (SRD) - Radio Equipment to be used in the 9kHz - 25MHz frequency range”, the actual frequency range of products covered by QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT is 9kHz - 30MHz. QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT is still applicable for wireless charger products and may differ from EN ETSI standards. Accordingly, products having NFC or SRD 125kHz transmitting functions or other short-range-device will need to apply to obtain MIC Type Approval certificate with the QCVN 55:2023/BTTTT standard. Typical products under this mandatory scope will include smart phones, SRDs used in vehicles, 125kHz RFID, remit controls, inductive loops, and many more.

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