Updates on the IMDA TS CD-SEC Requirement

The security requirements to protect against network storms for cellular devices were already announced. Cellular devices that comply with IMDA TS CD-SEC requirements and Section 7 of the GSMA TS.34 are also eligible to use either IMDA TS IOT or IMDA TS CMT.

Before July 1, 2023, all applicable cellular devices need to conform to IMDA TS CD-SEC. By 30 June 2023, the equipment supplier must use GoBusiness Licensing to submit an amendment application for current registered equipment in order to comply with IMDA TS CD-SEC and to submit the Implementation Table and SDoC.

Please submit an amendment request with a Declaration Letter attached for any current cellular devices (such as M2M equipment and CAT-M1/NB-IoT devices) that do not support Section 7 on Connection Efficiency Requirements of the GSMA TS.34 guidelines.

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