Radio Standards Specification, RSS-102, Issue 6

The following consultation is being discussed by the Department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development of Canada. "Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure Compliance of Radiocommunication Apparatus (All Frequency Bands)" is covered in RSS-102, issue 6. The RSS-102 standard is restructured as a set of standards in this issue's new architecture.

Radiocommunication apparatus (Category I and Category II equipment) that are intended to be used close to human bodies must comply with the requirements, measurement, and simulation methods outlined in RSS-102 and its companion documents. The requirement applies to:

  • radiocommunication equipment with a built-in antenna
  • Systems that call for license and come with detachable antennae for the transmitters
  • Transmitters without a license that have removable antennae, as specified in RSS-Gen
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