RSS-247 Issue 3 to Clarify 5.8G Band

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) had launched a consultation on the third issue of the Radio Standards Specification (RSS-247). The consultation focused on the certification requirements for digital transmissions systems (DTSs), frequency hopping systems (FHSs), and license-exempt local area network (LE-LAN) devices operating in various frequency bands. ISED was particularly interested in honing the requirements for 5895 - 5925 MHz Band, which is associated with the publications of SMSE 012-22 Decision on the Technical and Policy Framework for Radio Local Area Network Devices in the 5895 - 5925 MHz Band and for Intelligent Transportation Systems in the 5895 - 5925 MHz Band.

The Radio Standard Specification RSS-247, Issue 3, Digital Transmission Systems (DTSs), Frequency Hopping Systems (FHSs), and License-Exempt Local Area Network (Le-LAN) Devices, replaces RSS-247, Issue 2, dated February 2017.

The main changes were added to section 2.1 to include information on the document about to come into force. Modified section 6.2 to clarify the different measurement methods that can apply depending on the operating frequency range of the device. Added section 6.2.5 to introduce the requirements for devices operating from 5895 - 5925 and channels that span across 5850 MHz. Section was added to clarify the general information and definitions. Section Was added to identify the new power limits associated with devices operating int he 5850 - 5895 MHz Band. As well as added section to further identify the unwanted emission limits associated with devices operating in the 5895 - 5925 MHz Band. There were editorial changes and clarifications where it was deemed appropriate so that the whole RSS-247 would remain consistent and current.

Important to know that 2.1 is coming into force and transition period. This document will be in force as of the date of its publication on Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) website. However, a transition period of six months from the publication date has been provided. During this short period, all applications for certification under RSS-247, Issue 2 or Issue 3, will be accepted. But after this period, all applications for the certification of equipment will only be accepted under RSS-247, issue 3, for equipment manufactured, imported, distributed, leased, offered for sale, or sold within Canada.

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