RSS-182 Maritime Radio Equipment Update

On September 26, 2023, Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada , ISED, published an Amendment to RSS-182 Issue 5, Maritime Radio Equipment Operating in the 156-162.5 MHz Band. The change was made to section 3.2.3 to the standard. This change removed the requirement for a Transport Canada approval letter for portable VHF Radiotelephones (voice only) devices.

The main changes in the amendment are the revised power levels for hand-held maritime portable transmitters. The removal of the section on receiver-spurious emissions because the topic adequately cover by RSS-Gen. Requirements that were imposed by Transport Canada have been removed. Reference documents published by the IMO, ETSI, IEC, and ITU were removed because the acceptance letter from Transport Canada ensures compliance with international standards. Table 2 has revised the Frequency stability limits. The RSS structure was modernized to keep in line with the current RSS formate. Editorial changes and clarifications were made when appropriate.

You can read more at this link.

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