Drafting New Guidance For Radar Devices

On March 18th, 2023, the Commission released a Report and Order (FCC-23-35, docket no. 21-264) that amended the Β§15.255 rules to allow for non-fixed, short-range, millimeter-wave radar operations. Radar devices intended for operation in the 57-71 GHz (60 GHz) frequency band now have several options for FCC equipment authorization, each with corresponding technical requirements and limitations that are codified in Β§15.255. The amazed rules will no longer limit operations to fixed locations, enabling vehicular and other mobile applications, including limited usage in unmanned aircraft.

The publication also provides the initial guidance regarding information to be provided in Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG) inquiries to the FCC laboratory and recommended measurement procedures for obtaining the data necessary to demonstrate compliance with the applicable technical requirements for certification.

The frequency ranges of operation will include the Β§15.255 rules permit unlicensed operation over the 57-71 GHz (60 GHz) frequency band, but the new radar certification opportunities created by the rules amendment primarily limit operation to the lower half of the frequency band (57-64 GHz). The 57-64 GHz band is further segmented into 2.4 GHz, 4.56 GHz, and 7.9 GHz wide partitions, each with specific emission limits and technical requirements.

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