Modifying Limits for Emissions

Filed on February 7, 2024, the FCC has modified the emissions limits for the 24.25=24.45 GHz and 24.75-25.25 GHz Bands. This is a corrections from the original proposed ruled that appeared on the Federal Register on January 29, 2024. This document suggests that the implementation of certain decisions regarding the 24.25-27.5 GHz band made in the World Radiocommunication Conference held by the Internationl Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2019 (WRC-19).

To be precise, The Commissionโ€™s rules for mobile operations within the Resolution 750 limits on. Unwanted emissions into the passive 23.6-24.0 GHz band that were adopted at WRC-19. These suggested rule changes would help facilitate the protection of passive sensors used for weather forecasting and scientific research in the 23.6-24.0 GHz bands, while continuing to promote flexibility for commercial use of the 24.25-24.45 GHz and 24.75-25.25 GHz bands (collectively know as the 24 GHz band). The Commission still seeks comments on alternative proposals by March 14, 2024.

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