Drafting Updates For RSS-210

ISED has presented an updated draft of the RSS-210, Issue 11 - License-Exempt Radio Apparatus: Category 1 and is requesting comments by May 3, 2024. This standard sets out the certification requirements for several different types of license-exempt radio apparatuses.

Here is an overview of the potential changes. Section 7 has been added to clarify that unless otherwise specified, the measurements need to be performed and reported in accordance with the standard ANSI C63.10. Annex A has added a section to introduce terms and definitions. Also clarifying the restriction of frequency bands designated for used of the Government of Canada. Annex B clarifies the operating frequency range and removed the requirement related to RSS-310, issue 4, for certification-exempt devices operating in the 24-24.25 GHz frequency band. Annex C further explains the unwanted emission limits. Annex E elaborates on the measurement method for Annex E which shall be based on ANSI C63.26. It also clarifies the unwanted emission restrictions for Family Radio Services (FRS, General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), and General Mobile Radio Service-M (GMRS-M) devices. Annes F speak further on. The harmonic emission limits. Annex G adds new technical specifications for Wireless Multichannel Audio Systems (WMAS) while clarifying the use of modulation settings when using ETSI EN 300 422-1. Annex J modifies the restrictions section, adds new requirements on the operations of frequency bands, introduces the new power limits for field disturbance sensors (FDS) and its operation in unmanned aircraft (UA), defines new power limits in section J.3.2, replace section J.2.2 with J.3.3., removed all items in previous section J.4, except for item J.4(a) which was moved to J.5(b), and added items in section J.6 to clarify measurement requirements. Annex K clarifies the new operational bandwidth, radiated emission limits, and measurement procedure requirements. Editorial changes and clarifications were made to reflect the change in technology and public needs.

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