Supplemental Coverage From Space

On March 15, 2024, the Commission released the Report and Order and Further Notice of proposed Rulemaking (F&O and FNPRM), FCC 24-28, in the proceedings ‘In the Matter of Single Network Future: Supplemental Coverage From Space Innovation, GN Docket No. 23-65, IB Docket No. 22-271, Erratum. This Erratum amends the R&O as indicated below:

In paragraph 208 a correction has been made. It now states that, “After review the record, we adopt the Commission’s proposal to amend section 25.204 (power and out-of-band emission limits for earth stations) to reflect that SCS each stations will be required to meet power limits applicable to terrestrial transceivers for the bands in which they seek to operate.” The Final Rules in Appendix B oof the R&O and FNPRM was also amended to say. Below § 1.9047, in paragraph (e)(3), replace “part 1 lessee” with “lessee under this part”; in paragraph (d)(1), designate the subparagraphs as (I) and (ii), and designate the subparagraphs of (d)(1)(ii) as (A) and (B); in paragraph (f)(1), replace “(d)(1)(b)” with “(d)(1)(iii)”; in paragraph (d)(2), designate the subparagraphs as (I) through (iii) and designate the subparagraphs of (d)(2)(iii) as (A) and (B); and in paragraph (d)(2)(iii), replace “(d)(1)(b)” with “(d)(1)(ii).”

Other important points to take note of for SCS earth stations for the applicant seeking to use SCS earth stations to provide SCS services must comply with §25.125. Satellite operator licensed under §25.125 to provide SCS is permitted to communicate with all terrestrial wireless licensee(s)-associated SCS earth stations that have been approved for such use under part 2. Earth stations must show compliance with this part and at least one of either part 22, 24, or 27 of this chapter to provide SCS within the technical parameters and provisions associated with the device certification.

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