70/80/90 GHz Bands Modernizing and Expanding Access

Effective May 29, 2024 except for the addition of Β§ 101.147(z)(3) at instruction 9, which is effective on September 1, 2024. The amendments to Β§ 101.63(b) at instruction 5, 101.1523(a) and (e) at instruction 12, and 101.1528(a)(11), (b)(10), and (d) at instruction 14 are delayed indefinitely. The Federal Communications Commission will publish a document in the Federal Register announcing the effective date for the amendments to Β§ 101.63(b), 101.1523(a) and (e), and 101.1528(a)(11), (b)(10), and (d).

The goal of this update is to modernize and expand the access of the 70, 80, and 90 GHz bands that reflects the evolving technology of fifth-generation wireless technology (5G). To meet the non-stop growing demand for wireless broadband connectivity necessitates solutions as internet becomes evermore intwined with day to day life such as work, education, health care, and maintaining personal connections. Accepting this reality the FCC is hoping to close the digital divide, this Report and Order adopts new rules and updates preexisting ones. This update also permits the use of small and lower-cost antennas to facilitate the provision of backhaul service and mandates a channelization plan. The Commission has adopted changes to the link registration process in certain bands requiring certification of construction of registered links to promote more efficient use of this spectrum and improve the accuracy of the link registration database.

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