Clarification on Equipment Type Approval of Wireless Equipment Through Self-Declaration

Posted on April 10, 2019 at 5:38 PM

The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of India provides answers to questions regarding equipment type approval and self-declaration of certain categories of wireless equipment in license exempt bands.

In this regard, the following key points have been summarized:

Applicability and scope of ETA through self-declaration

 ETA through self-declaration is applicable to the products that meet the following conditions:

  • exempt from import licensing requirements as per EXIM policy of DGFT
  • operation in de-licensed frequency band(s) as per applicable Gazette Notifications

 These products may be imported by submitting self-declaration to Customs as per ETA, and informing WPC through email.

End product test reports or wireless modules reports

 Test report(s) must be issued by an accredited laboratory. They may be:

  • For the finished product/end product, or
  • for RF module(s) fitted in a particular model

Import of wireless modules (not finished products) under self-declaration

 This is allowed if the wireless module is exempt from licensing requirements in EXIM policy of DGFT.

ETA for products manufactured locally (in India)

 ETA is required for each product manufactured in India.

 When the RF module is separate, type approval is applicable only to the RF module.

 Products under the "Free" category as per EXIM (speaks, televisions, mobile phone, etc.) may obtain type approval through self-declaration.

Family model grouping under ETA

 Approval is required for each product/model. One ETA is not applicable to series model additions.

Since announcing the acceptance of equipment type approval (ETA) through self-declaration for certain license-exempt wireless equipment, the Ministry of Communication has provided this information as clarification.

Information on the original announcement of ETA through self-declaration can be found here.

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