Updated Draft Guidelines on the Use of Television Whitespace

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has added an addendum to their developed guidelines for the use of Television White Spaces (TVWS) for rural broadband connectivity.

Licensed TVWS systems are point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access systems operating in rural areas and are intended for subscriber-based broadband Internet applications.

Master and client devices of licensed TVWS systems shall only operate on available frequencies in the 470 to 694 MHz portion of the UHF band within a prescribed geographic area defined by the master device’s service contour, as specified in the Spectrum License obtained from NCC.

The requirements for licensed TVWS systems are set forth for the following:

  • Nominal channel bandwidth and occupied bandwidth
  • Average Conducted Power and Average Conducted Spectral Power Density Limits
  • Antenna Requirements and Height Limits
  • Radiated Power and Out-of-Block Radiated Power Limits
  • Licensed Master TVWS Device Nominal Service Contour
  • Licensed TVWS System Site Restrictions
  • Licensed Master TVWS Device Coordination
  • Limits on Operations near International Borders

The full addendum is provided here.

Information on the complete draft guidelines and announcement can be found here.

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