New Labeling Requirements for Approved Devices

The Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) of Argentina has established a new labeling scheme for certified telecommunications equipment.

The labeling identifier will be changed from CNC ID to RAMATEL ID.

RAMATEL is the Register of Material of Telecommunications. This new label Resolution has been approved to implement a labeling system that remains in time regardless of political entity name changes.


Below are the required proportions for the different permitted versions of the RAMATEL seal logo.

Acceptable RAMATEL Seal Logo Variations (Horizontal and Vertical)

Proportions must be respected.

Label can be normal as shown above, black on light gray (10% black) background, or white on 100% black background.

RAMATEL Registration Number

RAMATEL registration number must be printed in ARIAL font.

The minimum height of RAMATEL registration number will be 5 points.

For modular equipment, the external part of the host device must have the installed module's label as shown above with "CONTIENE" above the label along with the module's registration number. The legend "CONTIENE" must be printed in ARIAL font with a minimum height of 5 points.

ID numbers will remain the same if renewal applications are submitted before certificate expiration. For products already on the market, the CNC ID will be sufficient.

For vehicles, the RAMATEL logo and registration number may appear in the user manual.

Applicants have until August 12, 2022 to adopt the new label guidelines.

The full labeling guidelines can be found here.

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